Jewellery Valuations

Mann Jewellers jewellery valuation service

There are several sorts of valuation that Mann Jewellers can undertake

  • Jewellery valuation for insurance
  • Jewellery valuarion for probate
  • Jewellery valuation for sale to us.
  • Unsighted valuation 

Jewellery valuation for insurance

This involves us keeping your items for a while, as we examine and test them. You will receive an in depth written valuation and this will be charged at £45 plus 1% of the total value.

We will need to keep your goods for a week or so and they will be securely stored in our safe, while this is being done. We do not send jewellery away for valuation, we do it in house.

If you have not had your jewellery valued for a while you may be quite surprised at the increase in value, and may find that it is currently under-insured.

We always recommend holding a separate policy for jewellery, with the company we use ourselves, as they are not tied to any particular jeweller and allow you to purchase any replacements from the shop of your choice.

Many insurance companies do not allow this, and insist that you purchase new items to replace older pieces; this may not be what you want, so please check your policy details carefully.

We have advised many customers on replacements over the decades, so have a lot of experience in this area.

Jewellery valuation for probate

This is usually arranged by the presiding solicitor. The charge is generally £45 + 10% of the total value.

Jewellery valuation for sale

This is usually given as a verbal estimate and there is no charge.

We can usually give you a price that we would pay for your item in the shop, based on the current gold price, although for very high value items, we may need longer.

Mann Jewellers jewellery valuation service Mann Jewellers jewellery valuation service

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